Corporate History


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Corporate History

Corporate History
  1977 November Atsushi Oku, the current CEO, started business.
  1979 November Opened Hiroshima Office.
  1980 March Established “Sanpo Kasei Co., Ltd.” with capital of 7.5 million yen.
  1981 July The headquarters building completed in the present location.
  1984 April Hiroshima Office building completed.
  1986 July Opened Sendai Office.
  1988 May Sanpo Engineering Department Hatsukaichi Plant completed
  1988 May Capital increased to 10 million yen in time for the beginning of the plant operation.
  1989 July Opened Ishinomaki district Office.
  1989 December Opened Kita Kyushu Office.
  1996 November Capital increased to 20 million yen
  1997 August Office building of Hiroshima Office Engineering Department completed.
  1999 July Opened Toyohashi Office.
  2000 June Tohoku Office building completed.
  2001 June Capital increased to 50 million yen
  2001 July Kyushu Office building completed.
  2001 September Opened Kanto Office.
  2001 September Renamed Toyohashi Office Chubu Office.
  2005 October Relocated Kanto Office and renamed it Tokyo branch at the same time.
  2005 December Relocated Chubu Office and renamed it Nagoya Office at the same time.
  2007 June Opened Osaka branch.
  2010 May Relocate Kyushu Office to Hakata-shi, Fukuoka prefecture.
  2011 April Scheduled for construction of Matsue Plant.

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