Sanpo Kasei Co.,Ltd. CEO Junji Oku
Sanpo Kasei Kogyo engages in productions and sales of special packaging machineries and materials. We actively develop various kinds of package-related products such as machines, packing materials and packaging films to satisfy customers’ needs.
In the rapidly changing information society, we always try to catch new information. All of our staff make ardent effort to develop innovative machineries by setting as the primary goal as to improve customers’ productivity.
Furthermore, we wish to create high-performance moves for technological innovation toward 22nd Century. In the inspection systems that guarantee technical development and high quality, we make the best use of technology accumulated through years of experience in the field of cutting edge technology. And we are highly committed to the development of the latest machines by making full use of high technology.
We sincerely appreciate your kind understanding of our activities and look forward to serving you in the future.
Sanpo Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Junji Oku


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